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How to Create Spending Power

Personal wealth building success starts and ends with your spending habits. The wealthiest people in America (the Forbes 400 that is) all have one thing in common when it comes to their financial habits: their spending is always directed towards

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4-Step Method to Teach Children About Managing Cash – Simple, Flexible, and Easy

Making mistakes and just careless handling of money occur very early during our growing up period. Without effective early intervention, these behaviors can become bad habits, progress to serious repeated financial problems in life, and cause major threats to our

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3 Strategies for Increasing Personal Wealth

Increasing personal wealth begins with having the right “road map” when it comes to spending money. If your spending encourages personal wealth building and if you are consistent, you will start building wealth. If you think that this sounds too

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6 Steps to Support a Pay Yourself First Habit For Building Wealth

Many have claimed that their checking account balance at the end of the month does not change much even though different amounts were deposited into the account. I find this to be an interesting observation which suggest that if for

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Build Wealth, Manage Cash, Bucket-Bank

Too many people claim that they live from paycheck to paycheck. They seem to just make it to the end of the month after paying all of the bills, despite having received periodic increases in total income and making strong

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“Pay Yourself First” Habit Endows a Future For Better Financial Health

Over 70% of working Americans find themselves living from paycheck to paycheck despite having increases in income. Similar to most people, you pay everyone else first — taxman, landlord or mortgage holder, credit-card Company, and so on. You even try

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Increase Your Cash Flow and Build Wealth Over a Lifetime

By continuing your education beyond high school, you have the opportunity to make one to four or more million dollars over a life-time working period. Since most working people have this chance to reach such an impressive financial milestone, it

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Is your Cash Flow Adequate? – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Your cash flow is the financial energy that supports your standard of living; your purchase of goods and services; your children education; your retirement planning; your need and desire to care for love ones and others; and your overall financial

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Personal Income – Release Your Creative Power and Market Your Talents

Many say that they are unhappy with their job, lack extra money, have no money to invest, are trapped in their current situation and do not know what to do. Interestingly, through each phase of life many have echoed the

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