The Best Financial Coaching Program

Finances are personal. A lot of what happens in our lives depends on how much or how little attention we pay to personal finances.

With the down-turned economy, having control over finances is more important than ever before. This doesn’t just imply spending money; it is also necessary to have reserve funds, investments and even contributions that go to help others. Gain control over all areas of your finances.

If you’d like your money to work for you, this is the best financial coaching program. Through a personal relationship and 4 step program, any person can assess their spending, learn financial responsibility, allocate funds for security and benefit,  and grow wealth.

Here are the 4 steps taken in this 5 month program:

1. Go For It (GFI) 
Assess your goals and allow Frederick W. James to assess current spending habits, behavioral tendencies,  your learning style and more. From here, you and James will compile a list of strengths that will be of use throughout the program to embrace challenging opportunities and succeed on every level of the course and beyond.Special topics include: Inspiration, life coaching, effective mentoring, negotiation and others.

2. BucketBanker
After constructing a current financial statement, three to five year goals will be set. To accomplish these goals, a strategic spending pattern will be created. In addition, educative information will be discussed to encourage your understanding of tools and terms that will benefit your throughout all of life.Special topics will include: Goal setting, opportunity recognition, information gathering, preparation, action, outcome assessment and more.

3. PowerSpender
The third step of the program is unique because it is completely dependent on your life and current financial situation in relation to your goals. When you reach this level a transformation is likely to occur.Special topics include: Tax issues, borrowing money, making money, the art of negotiation and more.

4. WealthCreator
This final tier of the coaching relationship can go on for as long as you choose because it involves developing your investment portfolio. After deciding the best investments for your financial statement, goals, and determination, you will have the opportunity to dabble in the investment arena of your choice with the coaching and mentorship of Frederick W. James.

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