Why Coaching?

Benefits of Financial Coaching

  1. Share the pressures of finance with an accountability partner
  2. Learn habits, tools, and techniques that will benefit you for life
  3. Provide for your family
  4. Be prepared for retirement
  5. Invest confidently

There is no such thing as acquiring wealth; one must be prepared for wealth.

This is why the coaching program of Frederick W. James is a welcome and necessary learning initiative for anyone who wants to grow their wealth and live a better life.

His program is different from other financial coaches because it provides individuals with a 4-step process to compliment the personal relationship developed through phone conversations and e-mail correspondence. This guarantees all who complete the course will live well, in best health, with more wealth.

Features of the Financial Coaching Program

The four phases of the program involve:

      1. Introduction and assessment
      2. Technical education and personal growth
      3. Execution through spending
      4. Investment and results

This financial coaching program offers a unique set of intelligence on how one can preserve and grow wealth in challenging circumstances. His view is different from finance gurus like Suze Orman, Robert Kiyosaki, and Jean Chatzky because he advocates for a system of always spending. This program, he knows, will help individuals prepare for wealth in a way that is sustainable and guaranteed. Preparation for creating wealth comes from a number of disciplines, some being knowledge of personal finances, goal setting, and understanding this system of spending.

In other words, Frederick W. James coaches others in how they can make money from doing what they already do: Providing for themselves and their families. Good financial habits coupled with healthy living ideals will create wealthy persons in this generation and the next.

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