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Achieving Financial Freedom – Is Reason Getting in Your Way?

Achieving financial freedom might seem like a perfectly logical goal, but for many people, the road to achieving financial freedom doesn’t make much logical sense. I say this because many people claim that they can’t invest until they actually have

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How to Put a Stop to Spending Habits That Break You

Are you realizing that you need to control spending more than you need to get out of debt or to increase your personal cash flow? If so, you’ve already come a long way in comparison to the general population. Many

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6 Steps to Support a Pay Yourself First Habit For Building Wealth

Many have claimed that their checking account balance at the end of the month does not change much even though different amounts were deposited into the account. I find this to be an interesting observation which suggest that if for

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Build Wealth, Manage Cash, Bucket-Bank

Too many people claim that they live from paycheck to paycheck. They seem to just make it to the end of the month after paying all of the bills, despite having received periodic increases in total income and making strong

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“Pay Yourself First” Habit Endows a Future For Better Financial Health

Over 70% of working Americans find themselves living from paycheck to paycheck despite having increases in income. Similar to most people, you pay everyone else first — taxman, landlord or mortgage holder, credit-card Company, and so on. You even try

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Personal Finance – I Prefer PowerSpending More Than Saving For Financial Security

I recall seeing a television program on personal finance. The program had a panel of experts giving advice to an audience on how to manage in our current economic environment. Two of the experts repeatedly advised the audience that spending

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Personal Finance – Guidelines to Help Keep an Adequate Personal Cash Flow

How can you minimize the impact of a down economy? This is an important question which we can begin to contribute an answer. A major start is to have a set of fundamental practices to consistently use when things are

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