Increase Your Cash Flow and Build Wealth Over a Lifetime

By continuing your education beyond high school, you have the opportunity to make one to four or more million dollars over a life-time working period. Since most working people have this chance to reach such an impressive financial milestone, it is essential to be aware of your income generating potential, and work to protect your income, and spend wisely in order to achieve and maintain a quality standard of living with financial security.

Proper attention to the following areas will assist in your efforts to achieve and maintain optimal personal health, and cause growth in income and reduction and control of expenses which will favorably increase your cash flow.


Avoid engaging in high risk behaviors, practice age appropriate preventive health care, and comply with sound medical advice. Good health habits consist of being physically active, having a nutrient-rich diet and reducing caloric intake, avoiding tobacco and alcohol abuse, adapting appropriately to stress, wearing seat belts, and practicing proper procedures for the prevention and control of infections.

Serious attention to good health habits will reduce personal risk for chronic conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, accident and injury, and infectious disease. Serious neglect will increase the occurrences of illness, drain personal finances, and reduce personal revenue.


Take advantage of education and training programs to be prepared when opportunity knocks


Spend for value and according to a predetermined goal to avoid un-necessary or over spending in an economy which depends upon consumer spending


Analyze your cost of borrowing to reduce the amount that you pay in interest for those expensive personal loans and mortgages


Reduce taxes by increasing your knowledge of available tax advantages and innovative efforts to take full advantage of tax incentives


Establish appropriate legal entities such as businesses, trusts, retirement programs, asset donation and other deferral programs that may allow tax incentives, deductions, deferrals of revenue streams and increased income

Attention to these areas will allow you to retain more of your earned revenue, and add additional revenue over your working lifetime, so that you can support and maintain healthy and quality living standards.

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