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Four Simple Personal Finance Categories and How to Manage Them

Finance categories make it simple to manage your cashflow and to keep more of your money for investing and for using toward securing financial freedom. Many clients who I speak to have tried budgeting and have set up finance categories

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The Quickest Route to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom can be a really long way away if you don’t know the quickest and easiest way to get there. In this article, we’ll be talking about the quickest route to achieving financial freedom, but first, let’s talk about

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How to Control Your Spending and Stick With Your Financial Plan

Even with a simple personal cash flow plan like the four bucket financial system, there are times when you might find it difficult to stick with your commitment. Many people find themselves working towards financial freedom and doing very well,

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Three Personal Cash Flow Strategies for Financial Freedom

Personal cash flow strategies will always need to be a part of your financial plan. You’ve probably realized by now that no matter how much wealth you have, you’ll always have expenses. Even if it’s only the expenses which you

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How Tightly Do You Have to Manage Your Personal Finances?

A simple personal cash flow plan is always better than one which is complicated, difficult to understand and even more difficult to live on. Too many times, people over complicate their personal cash flow plans and try to draw in

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Increasing Personal Cash Flow Using Real Estate Investing

Increasing your cash flow through investing in property has always been a popular method for personal wealth building. Think about it: housing represents a consistent tangible need, and as long as people are buying it, it will remain one of

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Is it a Good Time to Get Started Real Estate Investing?

Many people who were once considering real estate investing for the purpose of personal wealth building are now afraid to mess with it, at least until the economy recovers. However, is it really a good idea to wait or are

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The Right Mindset can Help Increase Personal Wealth

One of the foundational strategies for increasing personal wealth is getting yourself into the right mindset for building wealth…and I am not talking about attracting prosperity into your life simply by the way that you think. However, every one of

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Is your Cash Flow Adequate? – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Your cash flow is the financial energy that supports your standard of living; your purchase of goods and services; your children education; your retirement planning; your need and desire to care for love ones and others; and your overall financial

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Personal Finance – I Prefer PowerSpending More Than Saving For Financial Security

I recall seeing a television program on personal finance. The program had a panel of experts giving advice to an audience on how to manage in our current economic environment. Two of the experts repeatedly advised the audience that spending

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