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Financial Freedom Is a Lifestyle: How to Live It

If you have a goal for achieving financial freedom or for building wealth, one of the most important lessons you can ever learn is that financial freedom is not a goal as much as it is a lifestyle. People who

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Financial Freedom Is Not Just About Finances

If you are on a mission to achieve financial freedom, it’s essential that you understand the connection between health and finances and how it can potentially affect your aspirations for building wealth. Considering that the number one cause of personal

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The Impact of Your Personal Health on Building and Retaining Wealth

Does your health have anything to do with your personal wealth building goals? If you’ve never thought about it, then this article might be interesting to you. Did you know that medical bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy

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Increase Your Cash Flow and Build Wealth Over a Lifetime

By continuing your education beyond high school, you have the opportunity to make one to four or more million dollars over a life-time working period. Since most working people have this chance to reach such an impressive financial milestone, it

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