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Frederick W. James is both a seeker and teacher of balance. Keeping in mind the understanding, “There is always something to learn,” James knows life, like finance, is a balancing act that needs constant attention.

Financial Coach

This is the foundational thought of his behavioral philosophy that secured his wealth and guarantees it for others. After years of preparation, James, a medical doctor by profession, created wealth to benefit his family and others. Now, this innovative system of responsible spending is available to all through his financial coaching program and book, Spend, Don’t Save.

James’ visionary idea of spending is unique. He advocates for always spending, never saving, and claims individuals can make money when they purchase big items – even when buying a car. Best of all, anyone can apply these principals to their personal finances and begin preparing for wealth at any time. The financial coach knows this is possible because he spent years practicing what he now preaches: Balancing different areas of spending leads to preparing, maintaining, exchanging, and growing wealth.

Health Professional

In addition, James seeks balance in his personal and professional life. The career of Frederick W. James includes his acclaimed work as a cardiologist, researcher, writer, entrepreneur, and full-time husband and father. His success in all areas equips him to lead others towards lasting health and acquiring wealth. This too, adds another aspect to the balancing act he calls life.

Health is one of the most valuable, yet overlooked ways to prepare for wealth. Throughout his longstanding career in academic pediatrics, James experienced health at its fullest, and also at its poorest. As a specialist in treating the heart, James knows why a good heart reaps numerous benefits. Aside from personal gain, there is much opportunity for individuals to provide others with healthful assistance that is life-giving, lucrative and purposeful.


Through his visionary ideals and innovative thinking, Frederick W. James has made this his reality and is excited he can enlighten others to the same end. As a lifelong educator, James understands what it takes to stimulate drive in individuals so they can steer themselves towards their desires in the vehicle of their potential.

His teaching experience ranges from secondary education to training medical professionals. Being an exceptional facilitator of learning encourages James to also remain a life-long learner. Challenging him to seek a deeper understanding of life is his wife, Charlotte. She also dedicated her career to academia and holds a post graduate degree in education. Her presence, along with their two daughters and two sons, and his personal faith has enriched the educator’s life and molded him into the man of influence he is today.

Global Enrichment

Another way Frederick W. James adds value to his life is by teaching and treating individuals around the world, empowering them with the knowledge he’s gained through his professional work, interest in learning and personal experience. His travels have served both professional and humanitarian purposes. From a medical standpoint, James has collaborated on global healthcare concerns by consulting with doctors and policy makers in Switzerland, England, France, Singapore, and various parts of South America. His voluntary social services include administering treatment to people in Kenya and Nicaragua, as well as offering insight on how the countries might secure nation-wide healthcare strategies.

Such enrichment has deepened the depths of his understanding in personal matters, worldly knowledge and spirituality. This is the reason James continues to position himself as an educator and life-coach. Both he and Charlotte serve their daughters and sons, and expanding family this way. They also look for opportunities to encourage others, whether it is through their local church or humanitarian work.

In this posture, Frederick W. James reminds himself and others that life always offers fresh learning material. Through his coaching program, writings and personal example, he inspires others to view life this way, and hopes that, they too, will strive to seek balance.

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