Author Quotes

What you become is more important than what you get for achieving your goal. — FWJ

Your goal is never in the future, but in the presence. — FWJ

How you spend your time, energy, and money is a reflection of yourself. — FWJ

If you respond each moment as capable, you will astound yourself. — FWJ

Borrowing to pay for goods and services reduces your capacity and maximum potential. — FWJ

A glass half full or half empty is giving up mid-stream. — FWJ

What is “loving” your FEAR? Accepting that this is the way life is… Saying that things will never change for me… Saying that it cannot be done… — FWJ

Your Time is the most important currency you will ever possess. Where it is spent will determine your success… — FWJ

Every obstacle is an opportunity. — FWJ

Talking to someone about another is more of a reflection of yourself than the person whom you are talking about. — FWJ

When you set goals, you can then begin to recognize the opportunities to reach your goals. — FWJ

Only seeing the glass half-full or half-empty is giving up, So keep pouring or filling until the job is done. — FWJ

Not responding during your moment as you are capable, is an act of quitting. — FWJ

Good spending is good for the economy. Wise spending is best for you and the economy. — FWJ

Opinion is not truth; we must put aside opinions to find truth. — J. Krishnamurti

If something is worth doing, then jump in and work until it is done. — FWJ

Limits are like fears They are just illusions — Michael Jordan

If you wish for good fortune, then pray for preparation to receive it. — FWJ

When good fortune is your goal, then you must be prepared for it. — FWJ

Your life is a series of fleeting moments. How you respond at each moment determines your future presence. — FWJ

The credit family becomes known after the handshake. Please meet debt, interest cost, rights, terms, and consequences. — FWJ

Fear standing still, but not growing slowly. — FWJ

The good worth lies in the journey and not in the destination. — FWJ

A glass half full shows the courage of taking action A glass half empty shows the need to persevere for completion — FWJ

The seed for healthy cash management and wealth creation is planted at birth. Nurturing and growth begin soon thereafter. — FWJ

Your plan brings your goal into reality. — FWJ