Achieving Financial Freedom – Is Reason Getting in Your Way?

Achieving financial freedom might seem like a perfectly logical goal, but for many people, the road to achieving financial freedom doesn’t make much logical sense. I say this because many people claim that they can’t invest until they actually have the money or that they plan on giving to charitable causes, but they want to make sure that their finances are taken care of first. In other words, the focus always seems to be on having more money and making a bigger income, which seems perfectly logical upon first hearing.

However, the reality is that waiting until you “have the money” to start investing or giving is a certain way to make sure that you NEVER have it and that you never achieve financial freedom. Let’s look at a few of the “backwards” strategies which wealth people use to achieve financial freedom and how you can start putting them to work for you RIGHT AWAY.

The Paradoxes of Financial Freedom

Imagine if I were to tell you to start managing your spending like this, starting today:

• First, invest 10% of your income

• Second, give 10% of your income to charitable causes

• Third, set aside 10% of your income for emergencies and planned cash purchases

• Finally, use the remaining 70% of your income to pay bills

If you’re like most people (myself included) your initial response to this will be: “I can’t invest, give and set aside money for emergencies unless I make sure my bills are paid. Sure, people who are rich and who have financial freedom can do that, but I’m not there yet.”

This statement is based on the assumption that rich people can give and invest because they have plenty of money already. In reality, they have that money because they made investing and giving a priority and because they disciplined themselves to make cash purchases instead of relying on credit. Was it easy? Of course not… However, nothing which is worth having is ever easy, and that’s why most of us never get what we want.

Are you willing to make the sacrifices to achieve financial freedom…starting right now? If so, you’ll enjoy benefits that most people never get to enjoy in their life, simply because they’re waiting for the right time or trying to be “reasonable” in their quest for financial freedom.

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