Financial Freedom and Your Inner Compass

Most of the time, we think of achieving financial freedom by means of budgets and cashflow plans, investing knowledge and a WHOLE lot of motivation to making it work. However, few people consider the role of their personal beliefs when it comes to achieving a goal like getting out of debt of building wealth. Does this really make a difference or is it a bunch of new age rhetoric? The answer is that it makes more than just a difference… it can literally make or break your ability to succeed at achieving financial freedom. Here’s how that happens, and what you can do about it…

Financial Freedom Starts on the Inside

Have you ever noticed that broke people are always broke? They can be making $12k a year, or $50k a year… broke. They get a large tax return or an inheritance… broke within weeks (or days). How about all the lottery and Powerball winners who spend it all in a few years? The examples are numerous… and they cover more than just a person’s financial life. Millions of people lose weight every year, only to gain it back. People are presented with opportunities for better relationships, better careers and better lifestyles, yet there are times when people sabotage their own success.

Ask a person why this happens, and on the surface they’ll give you all kinds of reasons… and some of them might seem perfectly acceptable. However, why is it that some of us never get ahead in an area of our life, in spite of how close we have come time and time again? It’s because of something which is happening on a subconscious level, something which we are either unaware of or afraid to face because we lack the knowledge of how to change it. So how can you change your self-image to match up with your goals for achieving financial freedom?

Developing Your Self-Image

Developing a self-image which is consistent with what you want begins with realizing when the self-sabotage is about to take over and being honest with yourself about what’s happening. Most of the time, awareness is enough to change the direction of your thoughts and your actions. The other thing to be aware of is your thought process when you start to see results. Do you get surprised or nervous, or do you accept this as a natural circumstance and as being consistent with who you are?

The more willing you are to accept success as a natural result in your life, the easier it will be for you to stay committed to it and the more of it you will enjoy. So remember, the inner game of financial freedom is the secret to making everything else work.

Much success!

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