How the Rich Become Rich

Personal wealth building is more about how you handle the financial challenges in your life than about how you handle prosperity.

If you look at the people who became wealthy after the Great Depression, you’ll find that all of them leveraged the sudden boost in the economy which came after the depression. These were the same people who continued to work and to plan with the understanding that prosperity WOULD return.

In fact, during the years of the Depression, JD Rockefeller said: “Prosperity will return, it always has and it always will.” This is a far cry from the mindset of the average person who thinks: “I’ve just got to make it through this.” Or worse, the fear as to whether things are even going to get better at all. It’s this distinction which makes the difference in whether someone becomes wealthy off of a recession or merely survives it.

The Value of a Recession

A season of economic scarcity is a time to sow and to continue to invest in your plans for creating wealth. You know what happens when you’re sowing seeds? Try it someone time, plant a seed in the ground, water it every day and check on your progress. What you’ll find is that for many days, you’ll see NO results at all….so why not just give up?

Because you have an understanding that if you continue to take care of that seed that it WILL break ground and that it will grow. However, even after it does, it will take a whole lot more care before it bears fruit. This means weeks of pruning, watering, fertilizing and waiting. However, if you don’t give up and if you continue to invest effort and patience, the harvest will come.

What Does This Mean for Your Personal Wealth Building?

Do you have a plan for managing your cashflow (even when it’s just a trickle) and for investing in your personal wealth building? If not, then you’re not planting any seeds. You’re simply relying on prosperity to return again and praying that it does soon. However, a written plan gives you something to tend to and to invest in when it really matters: when things are tough.

Think about this:

the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining, but you do need a blueprint. This is why the four bucket system is one of the most important parts of your plan for increasing personal wealth and for achieving financial security. It gives you a simple blueprint for keeping committed to your wealth building plans. When you have this, even the toughest economic times become an opportunity to grow your success.

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