The Four Bucket System of Cashflow Control – Financial Freedom Made Simple

The four bucket personal finance system is the simplest way to control your cashflow and to begin building financial freedom.

Many of us think that financial freedom is about having more money, and that certainly does help. However, it’s not until we begin to control the money that we have now that we get on the path to achieving financial freedom.

Otherwise, we’ll make more and more money that we end up putting into a purse (or wallet) with holes in it. The problem is that many of us over complicate the task of controlling our cashflow, but the four bucket personal finance system makes it simple.

Here’s how: Why Simplicity is the Key to HUGE Success

The most effective systems in the world, those which empower people to achieve success on a large scale, are never complicated…they are simple.

They do, however, require a lot of work and discipline, which is the reason why so many of us chase after complicated and crafty solutions which will help us achieve success with little or no effort.

Just think about the last time you read an advice book about success and said to yourself: “Okay, I must not be getting the whole story because that just sounds too simple.”

And off we go in search of something more sophisticated, which we think will get us there with a lot less work….in other words, the shortcut.

What you’ll find is that the moment you stop looking for shortcuts and agree to take the simple path of hard work, you start building momentum and moving towards your goal faster. You see, the shortcut is the longest and most disappointing route to take when it comes to your personal growth and achievement.

So let’s look at the four bucket personal finance system and how it can make your journey towards financial freedom simple and rewarding.

What is the Four Bucket Personal Finance System?

The four bucket personal finance system divides your spending into four categories or “buckets” by which you prioritize your spending:

• Giving
• Investing
• Expenses
• Reserves (for future spending or emergencies)

Now, what makes all the difference in the effectiveness of the four bucket personal finance system is the priority of these four categories (this is where the hard work comes in).

By putting expenses first, you can be assured that you’ll always be living and working JUST to pay your expenses. However, if you make investing or giving a priority, you’ll further increase your capacity to do both.

So no more shortcuts! You’re making WAY too much work for yourself. Use the four bucket personal finance system and make your achievement of financial freedom a reality.

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