Financial Freedom and the Power of Positive Relationships

In another article about achieving financial freedom, we talked about how your financial plan had to take the rest of your life into context. For example, getting your physical health in order helps you to be focused and to have great willpower and self-control (hard to focus when you’re fatigued right). On top of this, it’s important to have a career that inspires you and gives you a sense of meaning. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of extra money making up for the lack of meaning and happiness in your life.

However, the influence of your relationships is impossible to overlook when it comes to the impact on your ability to achieve financial freedom. Here’s why…

Toxic Relationships Threaten Your Financial Freedom

Have you ever known someone who went through a divorce? If so, I bet they lost of lot of financial assets because of it. Some people even lose everything that they have and end up paying alimony for years. This is why it’s so important to choose a partner who is not only financial responsible, but who has the same financial goals as you do. If not, you might just be making beds in a burning house. After all, money problems are the number one cause of divorce in North America.

It’s been said that marriage is grand, but that divorce is about 100 grand. If you’re in a position where you can avoid getting yourself in financial trouble in your choice of a partner (this is for you single people), you need to do whatever you can to do the right thing now. This is why pre-marital counseling can be one of the most valuable investments that you can make in your future.

Think about it, the average wedding costs newlyweds several thousand dollars, while few people ever invest in pre-marital counseling. Just do it, you’ll be glad that you did someday.

The other thing to consider is friendships or business relationships with people who are financial irresponsible. Getting into these types of relationships can often cost you money or time when you end up having to clean up after the other person. Find the toxic relationships and get them out of your life, your financial freedom and your happiness depends on it.

Great Relationships Support Your Goals for Financial Freedom

As much as toxic relationships threaten your financial freedom, great relationships with financially responsible people support your goals for achieving financial freedom. People who are financially responsible are less likely to discourage you from controlling your spending and just being around them inspires you to strive for greater levels of achievement in your financial life. I hope this article has inspired (and maybe even scared) you into taking a good long look at your relationships and towards building relationships which will empower you to achieve great financial freedom.

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